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Combination of metal and wood - simple and classy

For some time industrial furniture has been gaining popularity. The combination of raw metal with warm wood looks very attractive and even timeless. Such furnishing will be perfect in a modern loft, but if we choose ornamental ferrules, it will also fit well in the “grandmother” type of living room in a cottage. How to combine wood with metal to make it look effective?

Wooden countertop and metal legs

Such a combination will always look great. Simple wooden countertop will add lightness and metal legs will make a piece of furniture look modern. The whole will be definitely distinguished by stability, so this kind of furniture may survive many relocations. A table or lower coffee table made of wood and metal will look very universal, but at the same time, its harsh character will remain noticeable and will complement each kind of room. If we like changing the arrangement of furniture quite often, it will be a good idea to build small wheels in the table legs. Remember about small, metal boards next to the wheels in order to be able to block them. We don’t want out table to move away with our fresh coffee. If we want our table to be comfortable, it is worth considering changing traditional legs for a cross brace. In this way, we will solve the problem of relocating our guests so that they fit between the legs of the table, as you can then sit at every edge of the table. Additionally, such a piece of furniture will be characterized by really high stability.

Metal fittings at the edges

Metal fittings look incredibly elegant on furniture and at the same time they are very practical. Thanks to them, furniture will survive in a good state for longer, as they are not in danger of damage. Chests with metal fittings, with visible rivets, are associated with the style of a mountain cottage. Valuable items were stored in such chests, but also dowry - a fortune that a woman brought to the house of her husband. Such a piece of furniture, e.g. chest, may fulfill two functions - storage, but it may also serve as a seat, if we put pillows on it. Fittings and metal framing also work great as the elements of doors, chest of drawers or wardrobe.

Metal handles

If we are not convinced of furniture with a lot of metal parts, maybe we will like small, metal details? Innocent, but compelling handles of drawers or doors would be a great idea. They are very elegant and available in various shades of metal. For stylized furniture, brass will be the most suitable. Not to make the style so obvious, we may choose their simpler form. Such handles will definitely work out well for us for a long time, but at the same time, they will allow to make the furniture more modern.

Wooden furniture and metal details

Moving a bit from the topic of furniture combined with metal, let’s see, how we can effectively fill the space with modern metal accessories. Metalwork is a great way for unconventional decorations. A mirror with metal frame, flower bed, vase with metal elements - this is something that will definitely grab attention of everyone who will visit our house. They are wonderful ornaments, which will add our interiors a more raw character. Metal bowls, that we’ll put on a wooden dresser or flower bed hung on the wall will fit in almost every interior. Such elements of decoration are very effective and at the same time, they are not so expensive as it could seem.

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