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How to decorate a blank wall?

Very often when we do renovation or buy a new apartment, we are irritated by bright and blank walls. Apart from painting it with a simple latex paint or using photo wallpaper, there are other, more creative ideas to decorate a blank space on the wall.


Natural wood is currently very fashionable and contrary to appearances, it doesn’t look like hated paneling from old times. Today, natural colors, beautiful rings and texture matter, therefore the panels on the wall are often only slightly stained or pained in their natural color. They look great in white and add a very rustic character to the interiors. Such wooden boards may be bought for example from someone who have just demolished an old, wooden house. They may be placed on the ceiling, but also e.g. on one of the most representative walls. They will definitely warm up our apartment and we will be able to feel like in an old-style detached house.

Wooden panels may be purchased along with installation or we may install them by ourselves. However, we have to remember that we will need good screws and wood protection, preferably by means of a special paint. We need to check if the panels we chose don’t contain sawyers. We can also simply put wooden elements, e.g. wood cut across, so that the rings are visible. Wood prepared in such a way may be hung on the wall, also in the form of a picture.


Decorative mats made of felt or straw have regained popularity. They are very simple, but at the same time they effectively insulate and look incredibly attractive. If we love art, we may weave our dreamed mat by ourselves or make it in the form of a patchwork. They once came from the USA along with African immigrants in order to become popular also in Europe. Each part of the material was supposed to tell a story of a person who sewed it. Today we may buy such mats or sew them with our own fair hands. When we hang it on the wall above the bed, we will make the room more homey. Without any doubt, a significant advantage of this material is the fact that we may wash it and easily change its place.

Family tree

Many people get back to the old tradition of exhibiting genealogical trees in the houses. What about a more modern version? You only need to draw or stick a tree on the wall - it may be in the form of a painting or a ready-made sticker, and then hang photos of your loved ones on the branches. It is a great way to exhibit photographs and at the same time to fill an empty space on the wall.

These ideas are certainly only a part of what we can do. If we prefer the space to be filled, we can install shelves on the wall made of short boards and arrange them in a chosen shape, e.g. a heart. We will gain not only a place to store books, but also an unusual decoration, which will impress our guests. Such shelves will definitely grab attention of each person visiting our house. We may choose any color we want to paint them.

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