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How to repaint an old cabinet?

Old furniture does not have to look unaesthetic. We may renovate them on our own and without a large budget. Even a piece of furniture that remembers a lot of relocations can look new. What are the best and the simplest ways to renovate old furniture, including cabinets?

1. Cleaning the object
For years, the structure of the cabinets definitely have been gathering a lot of dust and simple cleaning may not bring desired effects. For this reason, it is essential to clean the object before painting with the help of degreasing.

2. Stripping the surface
Before we start repainting the piece of furniture, we should strip the outer layer of varnish and paint. After taking the gloss off, we may start painting. Such activities will definitely prolong paint durability.

3. Wood protection
Before choosing a favorite paint, it is worth painting the wood with a special preparation for wood protection and sanding them to make the surface smooth.

4. Painting
At the end, pain a chosen object with a favorite paint, both inside and outside. Only our imagination can stop us here. Acrylic paints or special wood paints work well here, as they won’t flake off and will stay for longer on our favorite dresser or wardrobe.

5. Adding new handles
If a wardrobe looks good, we don’t need much to make it extraordinary. We often only need to change the handles or knobs to make an old piece of furniture look different. We may buy them in furniture stores or antiques fairs.

6. Decorating the interior of the wardrobe
The appearance of the piece of furniture (also inside) is very important, especially if we deal with a glass case. It would be a good idea to apply a special wallpaper inside or to paint it with a different shade of paint. Writings that we may put above the shelves are also fashionable.

7. Drawer padding
If we want our piece of furniture to be really unique, we may invest in material. We may easily cover the inside of drawers with it, but also doors. They are often scratched, therefore it is worth taking care to refresh their look. Thanks to this, our drawers will look great.

8. Mirror-like foil
It is a good idea to take care of the usefulness of our wardrobe, not only to make it beautiful, but also to change it in a wonderful closet. One of the ways is to apply special foil that imitates mirror to the interior side of the door. Thanks to this, we will gain a beautiful piece of furniture, but also a practical mirror. Certainly, we may create something like a frame around the mirror - paint it with an acrylic paint or simply cut it out from felt.

9. Spray not only on the wall
In the shops with paints we will also find sprays. They look great on furniture and are available in many different colors and shades. Thanks to the pattern and imagination, we may create beautifully ornamented wardrobe fronts. We may cut out the pattern on our own - we only need a marker and cardboard.

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